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This site is dedicated to the residents of Boars Hill, Oxford.

BHA 50 years 1974-2024

The Boars Hill Association was founded in 1974 to “engender a sense of identity and community among the residents of Boars Hill including the provision of a forum for the presentation of information, entertainment and exchange of views among the residents of Boars Hill and to provide a focal point for discussion, representation and action in respect of any issue of interest or concern to the community of Boars Hill in Oxfordshire.”

Boars Hill Location Map

“The summit of Boars Hill affords one of those views which are to be seen only in England, a view which extends over a broad expanse of country that is at once well wooded and yet highly cultivated, and which has a special feature in the spires and towers of a classic city set in its centre; such a view, when seen in an evening in late summer, before the corn is gathered in, astonishes the beholder with the revelation of beauty which it presents to the gaze” – G. C. Druce, Flora of Berkshire (1897)

Take a look around….

“And that sweet City with her dreaming spires. She needs not June for beauty’s heightening”

Matthew Arnold - Describing The View From Boars Hill
Evelyn Waugh

“Keep clear of Boar’s Hill”

Evelyn Waugh - Brideshead Revisited 1945 Novel
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