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BHA 50 years 1974-2024

Background to the BHA

In November 1973 a circular letter was distributed to all households on Boars Hill in order to promote the idea of a community centre.  Dorothy Mathews, Dallas & Marion Stevens, Albi & Maud Rosenthal (see also here), Leslie & Gladys Woods and Michael & Phyllis Fogarty were named in the circular and this led to a public meeting held on 30th March 1974 at Ripon Hall (later Foxcombe Hall) at which the Boars Hill Association was formally constituted.

Every household (c 360) receives a free quarterly Newsletter in full colour which is also distributed via email to about 300 residents on the BHA database. About half of these households participate more fully in the community by paying a small annual subscription and are thus also eligible to benefit from various BHA events and services. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the BHA established a support hub for the Boars Hill community which was officially recognised by the Vale of White Horse District Council (VoWH DC).

Extracts from the BHA Constitution:

Purpose and Activities of the Association

The purpose of the Association shall be to engender a sense of identity and community among the residents of Boars Hill including the provision of a forum for the presentation of information, entertainment and exchange of views among the residents of Boars Hill and to provide a focal point for discussion, representation and action in respect of any issue of interest or concern to the community of Boars Hill in Oxfordshire
The Association will not promote any activity whose purpose includes furthering the interests of a political party
The Association shall publish a Newsletter at least twice a year which will be distributed free of charge to all households on Boars Hill

Membership of the Association

Membership of the Association and attendance at general meetings shall be open to all residents of Boars Hill in Oxfordshire who are aged 18 years or more

Residents of Boars Hill are all those persons who live on Boars Hill as bounded by and inclusive of to the North East: Foxcombe Road at its junction with Hinksey Hill, to the North: by Chilswell Farm and Youlbury Scout Camp, to the North West: by Whitebarn, to the South West: by Sandy Lane at Wootton End and Old Boars Hill at Middleway, to the South: by Fox Lane at Blagrove Cottage, and Lincombe Lane all properties, and to the South East: Bayworth Lane at Woodlands Cottages ** (see below)

A full member of the Association will be any eligible resident for whom the minimum subscription per household for the calendar year as determined by the Committee has been received by the Association

A resident who has been a paid up member and who moves away from Boars Hill or a person who lives in very close proximity to Boars Hill and who hitherto has paid the annual subscription may retain membership subject to continued payment of the annual subscription plus any additional cost of posting Newsletters

Membership is only open to private individuals: partnerships, societies, incorporated bodies etc are not eligible

Only paid up members shall be eligible to vote at general meetings, be members of the Committee or attend ticketed events of the Association

Annual subscriptions will be due on 1st January for each ensuing year


                    **  This Map depicts the BHA boundaries as outlined above.

BHA boundaries, in red, as established since the 1970s

BHA boundaries, in red, as established since 1974 (click on map to expand).

                    Only residents who live within the red boundary line are eligible to join the BHA.


Residents living on Boars Hill as defined by the constitution should pay their subscription by printing and completing the banker’s order form.  This should then be posted DIRECTLY to your own bank. 

The current subscription is £10 per household although many contribute more – those living alone may claim a £5 reduction.

Once you have done this, please use the contact form to advise the Hon. Treasurer – thank you.

Current members of the BHA committee are as follows:

Chairman: Kate O’Donovan 

Hon Treasurer & Membership Secretary: Colin Weyer F.C.A.

Hon Secretary: Nigel Jones

                   Newsletter Editor: Nicola Park

General Members: Ray Allen, Kathy Blazewicz, Michael Edwards, Pat Gove, Peter Groom, Louise Jacobs and Ann Loescher.

Boars Hill Association (BHA) – Privacy Notice

If you have any queries, please use the Contact form

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