Boars Hill Anthology. 

An excellent illustrated guide book about the history and houses on the Hill.  This book is available for purchase at £20, e-mail enquiries: (Replace “-at-” with “@”. Written like this to foil spammer robots.)

“The Boars Hill Trilogy” – A three part history of Boars Hill on dvd (total running time 3½ hours) seen through the memories and recollections of some of its residents.  The story starts a few thousand years ago, but focuses more on the past one hundred and twenty years as it develops from a heath to a vibrant community – not without its issues. Available at £20 from John Tolson, e-mail: (Replace “-at-” with “@”. Written like this to foil spammer robots.)  

Warnborough site latest –  Construction of the four new houses is now complete.  An outline of the completed scheme may be seen below.

Documents supplied by Millgate Homes show that they have looked at many existing houses on the Hill in order to keep the new buildings as much as possible in sympathy with the old.

The view from the Old Golf Course, on the opposite side of Foxcombe Road shows almost no impact at all – maybe the perfect solution?!

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