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Membership of the Boars Hill Association (BHA) and Privacy Notice

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) came into force on 25th May 2018.

The Boars Hill Association (BHA) undertakes to collect and use your personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  Our legal basis for processing this data is our legitimate interest as a community and residents organisation.  We use the data for the administration of your membership, the communication of information and the organisation of events.

This information will be recorded in our membership database, which is stored offline in compliance with the GDPR. Our membership data is used only for BHA administration and is not shared with any other organisation.  Your personal data is not passed on by us for use by any third parties.

Information about our data use policies, including how you can see what data we hold about you, how you can limit its use and how you can ask for inaccuracies in data to be corrected is set out below and may also be obtained from the Treasurer / Membership Secretary upon request.


Extracts from the BHA Constitution:

Purpose and Activities of the Association
The purpose of the Association shall be to engender a sense of identity and community among the residents of Boars Hill including the provision of a forum for the presentation of information, entertainment and exchange of views among the residents of Boars Hill and to provide a focal point for discussion, representation and action in respect of any issue of interest or concern to the community of Boars Hill in Oxfordshire

Membership of the Association
(1) Membership of the Association and attendance at general meetings shall be open to all residents of Boars Hill in Oxfordshire who are aged 18 years or more
(2) Residents of Boars Hill are all those persons who live on Boars Hill as bounded by and inclusive of to the North East: Foxcombe Road at its junction with Hinksey Hill, to the North: by Chilswell Farm and Youlbury Scout Camp, to the North West: by Whitebarn, to the South West: by Sandy Lane at Wootton End and Old Boars Hill at Middleway, to the South: by Fox Lane at Blagrove Cottage, and Lincombe Lane all properties, and to the South East: Bayworth Lane at Woodlands Cottages
(3) A full member of the Association will be any eligible resident for whom the minimum subscription per household for the calendar year as determined by the Committee has been received by the Association
(4) A resident who has been a paid up member and who moves away from Boars Hill or a person who lives in very close proximity to Boars Hill and who hitherto has paid the annual subscription may retain membership subject to continued payment of the annual subscription plus any additional cost of posting Newsletters
(5) Membership is only open to private individuals: partnerships, societies, incorporated bodies etc are not eligible

(6) Only paid up members shall be eligible to vote at general meetings, be members of the Committee or attend ticketed events of the Association

(7) Annual subscriptions will be due on 1st January for each ensuing each year


Personal data collected

The data we routinely collect includes names, addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers of residents of Boars Hill who are eligible for membership in terms of the BHA constitution and also subscription and other financial contributions receivable in respect of BHA sponsored activities.  

Use of data

We use residents’ data for the administration of the Association; the communication of information, and the organisation of events.

Sharing of data

Our data is used only for BHA administration and your personal data is not shared with any other organisation or passed on by us for use by any third parties.

Source of the data

Data is usually provided by eligible residents themselves.

Storage of data

BHA personal record data is mainly stored in digital form on computers and also in the form of written documents both kept at the home of the BHA Treasurer / Membership Secretary.

Responsibility for compliance with the relevant laws and regulations

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we do not have a statutory requirement to have a Data Protection Officer. The person who is responsible for ensuring the BHA discharges its obligations under the GDPR is the Hon Treasurer / Membership Secretary:  Colin Weyer F.C.A.

Access to personal data

Other members of the committee of the BHA may be given access to residents’ data, excluding email contact information, on an ad hoc basis and strictly on a need to know basis in order for them to carry out their legitimate tasks for the Association.

Legal basis for collecting of personal data

The BHA collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as a residents’ association.

Checking what data we hold about you

If you want to know the basic membership data we hold about you, you should contact the Treasurer.

You can contact us with a “Subject Access Request” if you want to ask us to provide you with any other information we hold about you. If you are interested in any particular aspects, specifying them will help us to provide you with what you need quickly and efficiently. We are required to provide this to you within one month.

There is not usually a fee for this, though we can charge a reasonable fee based on the administrative cost of providing the information if a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive, or for requests for further copies of the same information.

Collection of “special” data

The GDPR refers to sensitive personal data as “special categories of personal data”.

The BHA does not normally record any such special data; the only data we might record would relate to the disability of a resident who might have special requirements for access to BHA sponsored events or who might have allergies details of which those catering for a BHA sponsored event might need to be made aware.  Such information would only be recorded following an explicit request by or on behalf of the resident concerned. If you wish to change this data on your record you can do so at any time by contacting the Treasurer.

Requesting for data to be removed, limited or corrected

You can limit how your data is used.

        • If you wish you can become an “anonymous” resident. This would involve you having a pseudonym. If you do this however, you would not be eligible to participate in BHA events nor receive email communications.
        • Even though your real name is recorded, you may choose not to receive information emails from the BHA.

These options can be implemented by contacting the Treasurer.

Length of time personal data is kept

We normally keep residents’ data whilst they are resident on Boars Hill or, being eligible as a former resident, where they have asked to remain a member of the BHA. However, we will delete any former member’s contact details entirely on request.

Other data, such as that relating to subscriptions is usually kept for six years.

Deceased residents

If a resident dies we do not normally remove their information. If requested by their next-of-kin to delete it we will do so on the same basis as when requested to remove data by a former resident.


Contact the BHA

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