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Membership Subscriptions

Residents living on Boars Hill, as defined by the constitution, (see map) should pay their subscription by printing and completing the attached payment form.  This should be posted DIRECTLY to your own bank. The rate remains a modest £10 per household, although many kindly pay more. There is a £5 reduction available for those living alone. If you prefer you may use your bank’s own website to set up the payment instructions.  The BHA bank account information may be found near the top of the payment form.  Please do not apply to join if you do not live within the area outlined in red as shown on this map.

Subscriptions are for a full calendar year ie. from 1st January to 31st December. Payment is due on each 1st January for the ensuing year.  If you are a new subscriber who is joining during the year please be sure to advise your bank to make the first payment immediately and then subsequent payments on each 1st January.  Please use your Surname / House Name as the reference and also advise us  us via the Contact form or via email to bha – at – that you have made a payment. Payments can only be credited once they have been received by our bank.

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